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Steven Flinn is CEO of ManyWorlds, Inc., the strategy and intellectual capital design firm that is currently delivering the next generation of strategic advice and research, content solutions, and adaptive software and processes to the world’s leading businesses. ManyWorlds clients are a “who’s who” of major value creators, including Cisco Systems, BP, BearingPoint, Pfizer and Microsoft. Prior to founding ManyWorlds in 1998, Mr. Flinn was Chief Information Officer, as well as a Vice President of Strategy of Royal Dutch/Shell -- at the time, the most valuable company in the world. Before his entry into the corporate world, Mr. Flinn applied his mathematical training as a professional blackjack player.

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Mr. Flinn uniquely combines the perspectives of an experienced global senior executive, business strategist, cognitive scientist, successful entrepreneur, and inventor. He is widely sought as a speaker and executive educator and has delivered the keynote addresses at international conferences on innovation, business strategy, intellectual capital and knowledge management, and IT strategies and futures. He has been recently quoted in media such as The Wall Street Journal, ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, Line56, and Australia's leading management and finance magazine. 

Mr. Flinn has guided the development of, the premier source for business thought leadership on the Internet. is recommended by leading business schools such as Harvard to all of their students, faculty, and alumni, and executive thought leaders around the world rely on it as a powerful strategic source. He has also assisted in directing ManyWorlds' development of Epiture®, ManyWorlds’ adaptive knowledge network system. Epiture learns to become more and more useful over time based on sophisticated inferencing of users’ preferences and interests. Epiture is based on a variety of patents and patents pending related to adaptive systems and processes that Mr. Flinn co-invented.


What I’d like to be doing:

Recreating Ancient


The Way it Was:

The Klamath Knot


How it Can Be:

Pleistocene Park

Wollemi Pine

Dawn Redwood


Applying ManyWorlds’ research to science, Mr. Flinn has authored several impactful new theories, including a proposed explanation to the previously baffling origins and evolutionary purpose of advanced musicality in humans -- a problem that has stumped the scientific community since the time of Darwin.  Mr. Flinn presented this theory in 2001 to a very receptive audience at the annual Cognitive Science Society conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. More recently, Mr. Flinn has authored a research report that demonstrates a deep correspondence between an abstraction of Shannon’s information theory and biological evolution.

His professional affiliations include the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and the Cognitive Science Society.
Mr. Flinn's formal education includes an undergraduate degree in economics, mathematics and computer science from the State University of New York, a graduate degree in Engineering-Economic Systems and Decision Analysis from Stanford University, and an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.


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